South East Staffordshire
Association of National Trust Members

Diary of Events

 Wednesday 18th March (event)    Wine tasting experience with David Garrick   --- CANCELLED

Wednesday 25th March (event)  Tenpin Wizard at Tamworth  Bowl  --- CANCELLED 

Friday 27th March (long walk)    Kenilworth 6.5 miles  --- CANCELLED

Friday 1st April (talk)     The Peels of Drayton Manor (Nigel Morris)  ---  CANCELLED 

Thursday 9th April (short walk)  (Details to follow) ---- CANCELLED

Wednesday 22 April (coach trip)    Basildon Park, near Reading (NT) --CANCELLED

Friday 24th April (long walk)    Ancient Arden 7.5 miles 

Thursday 14th May (short walk)  (Details to follow) 

Thursday 21 May (car section)    Chillington Hall, near Brewood 

Friday 22nd May (long walk)    Claybrooke 7.5 miles 

Wednesday 3 June (coach trip)    Boughton House, near Kettering (NT) 

Thursday 11th June (short walk)  Bonehill / Hopwas circular  

 Friday 26th June (long walk)   Eyam 7 miles 

Wednesday 8th July (coach trip)  Stamford (town) 

Thursday 16th July (car trip)  Sinai Park House, near Burton on Trent

Wednesday 19th August (coach trip) Wentworth Woodhouse (NT)   



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