South East Staffordshire
Association of National Trust Members

Diary of Events


 Wednesday 9th              Ten Pin Wizard           Tamworth

   Thursday 10th         Short Walk       Hartshorne

 Wednesday 16th Talk                 Admiral Anson


Thursday 29th Short Walk              Needwood Forest

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Wednesday 20th             Talk                American Civil War

                         Friday 29th              Long Walk               Barton to Tatenhill



Wednesday 4th Christmas Lunch Darnford Moors Golf Club

Thursday 12th                  Short Walk Cannock Chase

                    Friday 20th Long Walk Colton


Thursday 9th Short Walk Sandwell Valley

Wednesday 18th              Talk                        Scotland Yard Detective

Friday 31st  Long Walk Hopwas/Hints


Thursday 13th Short Walk Kingsbury Water Park

Wednesday 19th Talk Spymaster

Friday 28th Long Walk Rolleston on Dove











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