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Wednesday 19th September       Talk       David Bell

Subject: The Plague Doctor from Eyam

Every year tens of thousands of
people visit the Derbyshire village of
Eyam, where David Bell, the Plague
Doctor, now lives.
You may have been there yourself;
drawn no doubt by stories of the catastrophic plague epidemic of the 17th century and
the heroic actions of the locals.
The story of a self-imposed quarantine preventing an awful disease from spreading to
surrounding areas is, on the face of it, a fine example of a selfless community under
strong leadership.
But although the plague of Eyam 350 years ago remains one of the most famous
episodes in British history (the death toll is undeniable & of tragic proportions) much of
the associated narrative is largely legend ... produced and tenuously expanded through
the passage of time by a succession of well-meaning, albeit limited, 18th & 19th century
authors poets and preachers.
Today, Eyam's celebrity is in many ways cemented and indebted to these original
literary efforts; now boldly and imaginatively manipulated of course to reflect the
expectations of a burgeoning army of tourists.
In his own special tongue-in-cheek style David Bell's story is sure to entertain you,
inform you, make you reflect, make you smile, make you wince ... even perhaps bring a
tear to your eye. Don't miss it.
“one-man-show rather than a talk. David Bell is fantastic Info-tainment  


Venue:   Guildhall, Lichfield    Time 7.30pm

Charge:     £2.00 Members  £4.00 Non Members

Organiser: Gordon Cooper Tel: 01283 820531


Wednesday 19th September     Talk           Steve Booth

Subject: The First Duke of Sutherland – a Kindly Landlord or a
Cruel Tyrant?

George Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland KG,
PC (9 January 1758 – 19 July 1833), known as Viscount
Trentham from 1758 to 1786, as Earl Gower from 1786 to 1803
and as The Marquess of Stafford from 1803 to 1833, was an
English politician, diplomat, landowner and patron of the arts
from the Leveson-Gower family. He is estimated to have been
the wealthiest man of the 19th century. He remains a
controversial figure for his role in the Highland Clearances.


Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield. Time:7.30 pm 

Charge:         £2.00 members    £4.00 non-members
Organiser:     Gordon Cooper       01283 820531 

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