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WEDNESDAY 16th October   Talk by Steve Ragnall

Subject: The Tempestuous and Inhospitable Shore. Admiral Anson’s Circumnavigation and the Wreck of the Wager.

Admiral Anson of Shugborough’s four-year voyage around the world is one of the great
tales of naval heroism. Steve Ragnall has lectured extensively around the world specialising in tales of Pacific exploration and adventure.

Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield

Charge: £2.00 members £4.00 non members

Organiser: Gordon Cooper Tel: 01283 820531


Wednesday, November 20        Talk   by David Skillen 
Subject: Five years in Fifty Minutes – An overview of the American Civil War 
David will explore why the United States of America and the Confederate States of America went to war, visit the battlefields and meet Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davies and Robert E. Lee.  

During David’s 35 years in the Civil Service he ran training programmes on public speaking and spoke to audiences of all sizes. Since retiring five years ago he has travelled extensively across the UK giving fully illustrated talks to a variety of groups such as, Probus, WI, National Trust, Local History Groups and U3A. He has studied American Civil War in detail for many years  and has travelled extensively across the United States visiting battlefields from the Civil War as well as the Alamo.  
Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield 
Charge: £2.00 members, £4.00 non members 
Organiser: Gordon Cooper   Tel: 01283 820531 


Wednesday, January 15  Talk  by Geoff Barton 
Subject:  Experiences of a Scotland Yard Detective 
Geoff is a retired Scotland Yard detective with experience of managing some of the largest terrorist and firearms incidents in London and investigating serial killers, murders and armed robberies, been bodyguard to the Queen and four Prime Ministers.  He has arrested a member of the British Cabinet, a Four Star General and a member of the British Royal Family.  On two occasions he has used squads of armed officers to take over foreign embassies in London and been involved in upwards of 250 gun battles with armed criminals.  His talk will feature the arrest of the London Underground Serial Killer who was responsible for the murder of 31 men. 
Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield 

Charge: £2.00 members, £4.00 non members Organiser: Gordon Cooper Tel;  01283 820531   


 Wednesday, February 19  Talk  by Martin Pearce 
Subject:     Spymaster 
This is the story of Sir Maurice Oldfield, once Head of the Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) as told by his nephew Martin Pearce.  Sir Maurice, often regarded as the best MI6 Chief this country has had, was one of the first to suspect that Kim Philby was a spy.   He was also invited by John le Carre to meet Alec Guinness and it is thought the actor, after this meeting, based his character in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on him. He also became the model for Ian Fleming’s M.  
Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield 
Charge: £2.00 members, £4.00 non members 
Organiser: Gordon Cooper Tel: 01283 820531   Email;  

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