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Wednesday 27th March Talk by Katie Bridger

Subject:: Power in the Landscape: The families of Grey and Hastings in

The landscape bears the scars of history. It is the site of battles – of victory and defeat – but there is so much more than meets the eye. This talk will explore the fascinating evidence of conflict and dominance left behind
by the families of Grey and Hastings from the mid fifteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century. Residual architecture and archival records are testimony to
this incredible period of history. How were the Wars of
the Roses fought away from the battlefield? What did
these two families have to do with Edward IV and Richard III? What can we actually see today? Let the battle
commence for the stage of north west Leicestershire!

Venue: Guildhall, Lichfield

Charge: £2.00 members £4.00 non members

Organiser: Gordon Cooper Tel: 01283 820531
Email: gcooper66@



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